About Me


Hi! I’m Sari Kopitnikoff. Thanks for stopping by.

From dreams to Drawings

Ever since I could hold a pen, I’ve been doodling. Lots of drawings later, I now consider myself an ideastrator. I use art to tell people’s stories, to convey messages, and to get people nodding or laughing along.

Learning the skills

I’m a self taught artist who doodled through pages of notes throughout school. To take my art up to the next level, I took graphic and digital art courses at Fashion Institute of Technology and Stern College for Women. Now it’s my preferred way to draw.

What i’ve been up to

I’ve had the privilege of authoring and illustrating books, running various online projects, and doing commissioned work for clients.

think about it

What dream of yours can I help you achieve?


favorite drawing tools:

  • Procreate on the iPad

  • Adobe Photoshop for digital painting and photo manipulation

  • Adobe Illustrator for vector image making and logo creation

  • Adobe InDesign for book layout and page design

  • Good old pen and paper